Gravic Inc.

Remark Office OMR® is the leading software solution for optical reading and processing of computer-generated letters and barcodes. You can design your own forms with any word processing program and print them out. Then, using Remark Office OMR software, you can scan and identify them using the scanner. These data can be analyzed in the software or exported to any other application! Everything is very simple ..

From the production program Gravic, we are able to offer you:

- Remark Office OMR

- Remark WEB Survey

- Remark Clasic OMR

Use your tests, research, and other OMR formulas
    - There is no need to purchase expensive OMR forms

Use the scanner document to scan the filled forms
    - There's no need for special hardware

Formulas can be filled with pen, chemical, pens
    - A pen is optional as with standard forms

Advanced analysis of tests, etc.
    - Student reports, demographic comparison reports, multi-response questions analysis

Advanced research analysis and statistics
    - Analysis of the results of your research

Export data and statistics:
    - Easily export data in over 35 different formats including SPSS, Excel, Access, etc.
    - Export reports to PDF or HTML format
    - Export grades in several different school curricula