Fujitsu is one of the world's largest IT companies with over 160,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world. In the framework of the Fujitsu Group, in 1960, PFU-Fujitsu, a globally active IT company, was established to design and manufacture computer hardware, peripheral devices and company software. Focusing on more than 25 years of image scanners, PFU Fujitsu has become the world's largest manufacturer of professional scanner documents with an annual turnover of over one billion dollars.

In April 2023, the Ricoh company took over the ownership of the PFU company, and there was a change in the name of the scanner brand, and now the scanners of the PFU company have the RICOH trademark.

The PFU company continues to be the largest manufacturer of ADF high-speed scanners, and the largest innovator in this segment of IT equipment.

Now the RICOH PFU product portfolio of professional document scanners includes 24 models, divided into four groups

• ScanSnap series
• SP-Series
• Fi-series
• Network scanners

The most represented on the world market is the Fi-series of professional scanner documents, which with its innovativeness and technical characteristics provide PFU Fujitsu with a leading position with almost 50% of the market.
The Fi-series meets all of the scanning levels, from Workgroup and Depatmental levels, through Low Wolume production models to enterprise production levels with over 100,000 scanned documents per day.
On the market of Serbia and Montenegro, PFU professional document scanners have been present since 2001, covering almost 70% of the market in this IT segment. In particular, we emphasize that the PFU scanners are accepted as a standard in our financial scrutineer - banks and insurance companies, state administration and local self-government, as well as large corporations and public companies.